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Our company has launched MASTANI “Alphanso Mango Ice cream” in September 2004. In preliminary test marketing, in New York and Connecticut it has already been proven that our mango ice cream taste is very special. The customers who tasted this ice cream all came back saying that our ice cream is so flavorful and mild that no other mango ice cream they have in stock can compete with our mango ice cream taste. OUR MANGO ICE CREAM IS MADE FROM ALL NATURAL ALPHANSO MANGO PULP, WITHOUT ANY ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR AND COLOR. Alphanso mango is produced only around 300 miles coastal area in India. Due to the soil properties this fruit gets its taste and color. No other mango grown in any other region taste like this one. India exports this mango to all over World. For more information on Alphanso Mango click here>> We being an Alphanso Mango producer decided to market this product in a form of Ice cream manufactured in USA from this imported pulp. We do not use any artificial color, flavor and preservatives while canning the fruit pulp that is used for making this ice cream.
Mastani Ice Cream Flavors:

We start with pure, Alphanso Mango and blend it with sweet, fresh cream to make our incredibly smooth, all natural Mastani Alphanso Mango Ice cream. It is crafted from only the world's finest ingredients without any artificial sweeteners or fat substitutes.
Alphanso Mango Ice Cream:

This Ice Cream is made from all natural Alphanso mango pulp, without any artificial flavor and color. This signature fruit of paradise becomes an exceptional ice cream. All natural Alphanso Mango straight from India is added to create the most authentic and natural tasting Alphanso Mango Ice Cream.

Alphanso mango is produced only around 300 miles coastal area in the State of Maharashtra, India. Alphanso mango gets its great taste & color due to inherent soil properties of that region. No other mango grown in any other region of the world tastes like this one. India exports this mango to all over World.
Saffron Pistachio (Keshar Pista)

Same great taste like Alphanso Mango, this new Saffron Pistachio ice cream has all the taste and creamy texture of classic Mastani ice cream. The most expensive spice in the world Saffron where 150,000 flowers make one kilo of Dried Saffron. These Saffron filaments are toasted and combined with roasted pistachios are blended to make an aromatic infusion. Once added to MASTANI's rich and creamy ice cream becomes a taste beyond words!
Falooda Kulfi:

Kulfi (pronounced kool-fee) is an Indian Ice Cream that is frozen in cone shaped moulds. opposed to mainstream Ice Cream, Kulfi traditionally has a unique texture and pure intense flavor inspired by ancient Indian recipes. Discover the extraordinary taste of MASTANI's Kulfi!!
Dates & Almonds:

An almond lovers delight! Split Almonds stirred together with diced dates leaving an irresistible nutty flavor that pleasure your taste buds.
Orange Pinapple:

Intense and tangy, the bright taste and sweetness of fresh oranges and pineapple is captured in a smooth, velvety ice cream. This refreshing taste sparkles like sunlight on "The TAJ MAHAL". It will dazzle your tongue and refresh your senses.
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