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Exotic Fruit juice and pulp:

gets its fruit pulps and powders directly from fruit producers. We being a Alphanso Mango producer in India get the premium quality and 100% pure Alphanso Mango pulp directly from our farm in India. There are lots of other brand names available in India and USA which manufactures Alphanso mango pulp but none matches the quality of our Alphanso Mango pulp because we even try to avoid using sugar in our product thus using almost 100% juice and nothing else.

You can easily check this by the smell and taste of our Alphanso Mango juice. It is a open secret that all of these mango juice manufacturers use low quality totapuri, Payri and other almost 12 to 15 different varieties of mangos which are much cheaper than Alphanso to mix in their Alphanso mango juice. Not only mixing of other low quality mangos in their product makes it low quality but also using "not fully ripe" mangoes force them to use 20 to 40% sugar to make it sweet. Thus you get only 60 to 80% juice in that product which is also mixed with other low quality mangoes.

There is one more proof of what we are saying about other companies Alphanso Mango Pulp is not 100% Alphanso mango pulp. You go to any Indian grocery store and check the prices for Alphanso Mango Slices and also Alphanso Mango pulp. They are almost similar. Both products weight is 850 grams. Now the Slices are preserved in sugar syrup so 'Drained' weight of Alphanso Mango slices are around 470 grams and not 850 grams that is almost half of the weight of pulp which is 850 grams.

The Slices cannot be mixed with any low quality mangoes because the texture and firmness of Alphanso mango is different and much superior that other low quality mangoes. So why price for mango slices(470 grams you pay same amount as you pay for 850 grams of pulp) is almost double than the pulp. The pulp need more processing time and energy than canning the Slices.

We are so sure about our quality that if you are not satisfied we will return your money. Our Alphanso Mango pulp is not readily available in market because of its little higher price. We only manufacture as per the order and minimum quantity to be ordered is 24 cans of 850 grams each. Shipping and handling extra. You can order a sample pulp before placing the order for 24 cans.

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